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you're left staring at a stranger whom you've invited into the safety of your home for the final countdown. is the end of the world even worth crying about? surely not? but her tears keep telling you otherwise

kinetic visual novel, 11k words

content warnings; heavy atmosphere, sadomasochism, violent lesbian sex, delusions, despair and existential crisis

please enjoy it

art by @sloppydraws

Updated 13 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(114 total ratings)
Authornadia nova
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsAdult, Furry, Lesbian, LGBT, NSFW, Psychological Horror, Queer, Ren'Py, Transgender, Yuri
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilitySubtitles, One button


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this hit so hard for no reason, addie is a mood tbh

10/10 i loved it. sobbing rn tho.


okay... Is this going to give me a existential crisis? Maybe.,. I'll update this comment once im done

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im left to assume the game drove you to madness

he never replied..

This... Hits. The writing really feels like no visual novel I've played. It's dark, and emotionally, well, I probably shouldn't have played it at 2:30 AM, but... I'm glad I did play it. 

I see some of my exes in Addie and Pandora. For better, and worse, really. There's something raw here that touches on the queer dykes I've known and the kinds of relationships we form. It touches on the kinds that are uncomfortable for me, that I've either grown away from or who've traumatized me into pushing them away.

Thanks for making this. It's one of the pieces of art that will stick with me for a long time. 


I don’t know how to describe the feelings this game made me feel. Something about Pandora’s character has captured me in a way I hadn’t known was possible. The mood was so insanely good, so real. There’s a lot of heart in this game. Thank you.


this game is so ellacore i'm addie real


This was both extremely bad for my mental health and exactly what I needed, thank you so much


This one's not it... 

It's so apparent how the writer has spent a long time with this OC of Addie in their head having fantasies about who she is, how sexy she is, scenarios, etc etc, so they don't realize how we don't actually know her and the introduction is so jarring because of it. 

We're thrown into some love story all of a sudden, two lines in the girls are already talking about how they've fucked 10 times over the course of a few days or whatever. It's the opposite of immersive, very Wattpad writing (oh god, I would know, as I used to participate in that shit)


ye same, its stupid, and if u hate it we can hate it u dont need to spam dislike. We can have opinons :/


it's called in media res, it's a literary technique.

tbh knowing that armageddon could literally come any day now makes this game so much more effective.


I wasn't sure this was going to resonate with me at first, but by the end, I was really shaken. Thank you for that. ❤️


also fy worlds end girlfriend!




gay lil game that makes you sad and question everything (affectionate)


What a gorgeous game! Fantastic writing and music! Addie is so damn cute I can't handle it!


this has fucking changed me as a person. im just sittng here at 2 am with my head in my hands. i cant even describe the emotions this is making me feel. i can't put a word to any of them. 


good game holy shit


Absolutely destroyed me. 10/10


Really loved this~ Both the art and writing were beautiful! 


This was beautiful and chilling and hurt my heart. One of those rare works that makes me experience capital EMOTIONS and FEELINGS. Also the soundtrack fucks.

Love Addie so much she put a few of my feelings into words I hadn't quite figured out before.


Liked the idea! Any chance of an Android version coming in the future?

i too wish to know this


This was some really fun work. Really enjoyed the skills with the format that you showed. Strong romance story, and made me have some intense flashbacks to getting with my current partner (who I met over the pandemic). Those feelings of the world falling apart, and it not really mattering because you've made your own world are captured well. 


That was an excellent read! the setting was great, rarely touched on and the art style complemented it brilliantly.

Fantastic work!


I really love this game but i can't pay any money on it. I feel so selfish about it so I'll try to spread the word of this game as much as i can.

  I think i could make a religion out of this tho.


You could make a religion out of this


this game left a profound emotional mark on me. very different from most of her other work which i also love. don't go in expecting a porn game, this is a story that also happens to deal heavily with sex.


How does it feel to know that the world is about to end? How do you describe that feeling? It's too big. It's like every emotion that it's possible to feel blown up to be so imposssibly massive that it crushes you completely. How do you even comprehend it, let alone process and deal with it? You don't. Your only option is to just let it drive you insane. Find someone and cling to them tight.


Thanks for the anxiety boner.


Kinda hard to comment on the vibes/themes without uttering "Mood" under some breath. But with that said this was so cool. It was expecially smart how much visual aids where needed at the ladder half expecially. Not to spoil anything but use of plain text could feel expecially poignant.

Also Addie is just cute as heck. Hope to see more projects of the sort!


So so so so so good.,, Thank you for sharing it


This game was very good. I feel like I came in expecting an erotic story but mostly ended up getting a dark introspection of trauma, isolation, depression, and love itself. I'm not mad at this at all though. Its pretty different from the fluffier more light-hearted stuff Nadia. It makes me think she might have been tapping into some kind of primal rage or trauma or something similar, and if that IS the case there I'm more than comfortable taking a look into this side of her whenever she is willing to share it. But let me not speculate on someone else's life.

Part of why this visual novel is so striking is because in my opinion I see so many "Come over and lets be sad bitches together!" posts online from other fellow trans women and in my opinion this very much captured what that realistically would be like. The end of the world in this case (in my opinion) seems to represents trauma and depression and how overbearing that can be. Even though all that trauma can warp and twist our relationships into something that looks strange compared to the "norm" its at least nice to have an island oasis in another person that you can draw comfort from while everything else is so fucked up.

As a depressed trans girl, or a sad bitch lol, I relate heavily to these themes. 

Thank you for this experience Nadia!


thank you u_u it is true how you say it especially in the first paragraph. life has been hard, pandemic and my chronic pain and disability all at once has been rough. i think im recovering now. but i want to share some of it in my art

it makes me happy to see my story and the trauma connecting to other transfemmes and or sad bitches. cause that me


there's something about this that i can't put a finger on. raw emotion, flaws being brought to the surface after pressing deep on your own wounds, of despair leading you to more and more harm until the harm you're experiencing could be even worse than the doom you're waiting to be destroyed by. there is love in your eyes but it is clouded by your own fears. pulling at each other's hair with drool down your face because the sex is the only emotion worth feeling in such peril.

i loved this.


you give your compliment so eloquently, thank you for sharing your thoughts and thank you for loving my story in the first place. it means the world to me to see positive reception after been on such a long hiatus!


i loved this so much. like everything you do it's erotic and still very sweet. the characters are so real. and I feel like we've all lived through this (the end of the world part at least). sloppy is a great artist as well <3


A really touching erotic story, I can feel a lot of the echoes of pandemic trauma through it in a really interesting way. Definitely worth a playthrough if you have the time. 


funnily enough, i started writing this original concept before it all. yet as i was forced to take a break due to my hands the pandemic started later. i thought to myself before even starting the rewriting this project, that i will be curious to see if people can see those echoes of the solitude


Amazing! Anothe wonderful game and story!!

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edit: just in case my message was unclear, I love the game a lot <3


The format took some time to get used to, but very nice story.