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This is adorable. I like how well it conveys the intense need between two people who find themselves in a futile and hopeless situation......


There is something about representing characters with the colors purple and red. I wrote a very short story years ago titled "Magnum Opus" and I always imagined the two characters that story had to be associated with said colors. There is also a visual novel called "HOPE LEFT ME" that did that.

All three stories have the world being the "antagonist" and all three stories are about two characters that help each other survive in a way.

"HOPE LEFT ME" has a world after an apocalypse and this story's world is shortly before one. "Magnum Opus" has a world that is a sci fi theocratic fascism thingy and as I write this I realize that all three stories are sci fi.

In "HOPE LEFT ME" the red character is called "Sasha" wich is a name I sometimes use. What makes me feel weird about it (even though I know it's just pattern recognition going brrrrrrrrrr) is that in "Magnum Opus" both characters are my self inserts in a way. You see I made that story after I had a depressing thought of "What if a perfect version of me could take my place and I could just dissapear?" then twisting it in a way to make it wholesome and hopeful and stuff.

Oh also I'm trans. I feel like that piece of information is also relevant in this schizopost.

Anyways, here is "Magnum Opus"

(P) - So you're done.

(R) - You were right to think that seeing you will feel weird.

(P) - Are you embarassed?

(R) - No. This body is my... no. It's your Magnum Opus.

(P) - How do you feel?

(R) - A bit disoriented but energetic.

(P) - Do you hate me?

(R) - No. I pity you. I know that looking at me hurts.

(P) - ... Do you know what I'm planning?

(R) - I don't have your latest memories, but I have the idea.

(P) - Farewell then. You should know where I put the clothes for you,
       food and the machine to create your documents. You'll get the lab,
       the research, my personal stuff and my house. You can find credits               under the fern.

(R) - You don't even ask my name?

(P) - Did you come up with a good one?

(R) - Lara.

(P) - Farewell, Lara.

(R) - Wait! I found a solution!

(P) - What solution? You know that self changeing is illegal.

(R) - We can create a copy of you, without consciousness and senses.
        We make it so that it looks like it killed itself and we pretend that you          are a clone like me. What do you think? This way you can be Nara!

(P) - This could work...


(R) - Wakey wakey! How are you feeling?

(P) - Tired. Very tired. Is the puppet ready?

(R) - There is nothing at the moment I can't handle by myself.

(P) - Changing a body really is different from growing one, huh?

(R) - It certanly is. Feel free to get as much rest as you need. Oh, and                  happy birthday!


I want to see the lesbians happy T-T


intense, thoughtful, lovely stuff

Yeah kinda tuff for loving


Maybe i'm just incompetence so i don't understand why people said this game was depressing. It would be nice if someone could actually recap and explain what happened in the game


damn, this is so sad but still so invigorating, especially how the main characters are ... uuuuuh ... treating each other

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So damned sad. I still can't tell if this a tragedy type story or the aftermath of a tragedy before the end, because man it got me hurting inside.

Thanks for the memories and game.


i got high to play this wanting to do dirty nasty an i just ended up crying over the gays  i love them boith so much omg :<<</pos


im not depresed enough to play this yet,  but when i am im sure itll be cool

no se ingles :(


came for rough lesbian sex left with extreme sad

That was the heavy.


what an utterly beautiful experience. gorgeous work


What you made is beautiful - and is exactly the kind of art I want to make. Thank you. 

Deleted 142 days ago

same thing:


This game is really shocking.but this ending isn't My exception:(.I just feel heavy self-doubt and sad feelings when I finished this game.:(((


i honestly wish there were more games like this in itch io  esp ones i wouldnt have to pay for even ones i would pay for id like yk

hope so:P


Thank you for this absolutely stunning and erotic short story. Really resonated with me in a way I don't often get out of eroge, or other games or fiction in general.


Gorgeous art and the smut was really hot. Story was well-done too, thanks for making and sharing this.


Absolutely wonderful game. Pandora's introspection, how Addie reflects Pandora's thoughts in the opposite way, this game helped me understand my own depression just a little better.

I was originally roaming around, horny for nsfw games when this came up.
I needed to gather a bit of energy to play it but holy hell, was it worth it...

All i have to add is, please don't misunderstand self-destruction for masochism. Or depression for an actual need to hurt others. You can get better, you'll find you way eventually.


hoping everything will be OK on you.I have depression too.I wish I can help you a bit:(



i might be even more traumatized and it fucked with my mental heath alot but seeing a character that is practically a carbon copy of me not only was validating as i know im not the only person to feel this way, but also it made me realize that it is just a coping mechanism, ive thought that I was ace for a while just like, didnt really go anywhere with it because I thought i liked sex or whatever, but after playing this i have slowly realized that I only thought i liked it as it was a way I could please others and make them happy, in turn making me feel the same way, but i didnt realize how horrible it was making my mental health and self image, thanks for actually making me take the first step in changing myself for the better, and i apolaze if this doesnt make any sense, i zoned out half way through typing this and have been typing whatever popped into mind until this point, but yeah, thanks


this hit so hard for no reason, addie is a mood tbh

10/10 i loved it. sobbing rn tho.


okay... Is this going to give me a existential crisis? Maybe.,. I'll update this comment once im done

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im left to assume the game drove you to madness


he never replied..

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He never finished the existential crisis*


This... Hits. The writing really feels like no visual novel I've played. It's dark, and emotionally, well, I probably shouldn't have played it at 2:30 AM, but... I'm glad I did play it. 

I see some of my exes in Addie and Pandora. For better, and worse, really. There's something raw here that touches on the queer dykes I've known and the kinds of relationships we form. It touches on the kinds that are uncomfortable for me, that I've either grown away from or who've traumatized me into pushing them away.

Thanks for making this. It's one of the pieces of art that will stick with me for a long time. 


I don’t know how to describe the feelings this game made me feel. Something about Pandora’s character has captured me in a way I hadn’t known was possible. The mood was so insanely good, so real. There’s a lot of heart in this game. Thank you.


This was both extremely bad for my mental health and exactly what I needed, thank you so much


This one's not it... 

It's so apparent how the writer has spent a long time with this OC of Addie in their head having fantasies about who she is, how sexy she is, scenarios, etc etc, so they don't realize how we don't actually know her and the introduction is so jarring because of it. 

We're thrown into some love story all of a sudden, two lines in the girls are already talking about how they've fucked 10 times over the course of a few days or whatever. It's the opposite of immersive, very Wattpad writing (oh god, I would know, as I used to participate in that shit)


ye same, its stupid, and if u hate it we can hate it u dont need to spam dislike. We can have opinons :/


it's called in media res, it's a literary technique.

tbh knowing that armageddon could literally come any day now makes this game so much more effective.


I wasn't sure this was going to resonate with me at first, but by the end, I was really shaken. Thank you for that. ❤️


also fy worlds end girlfriend!




gay lil game that makes you sad and question everything (affectionate)


What a gorgeous game! Fantastic writing and music! Addie is so damn cute I can't handle it!


this has fucking changed me as a person. im just sittng here at 2 am with my head in my hands. i cant even describe the emotions this is making me feel. i can't put a word to any of them. 


Absolutely destroyed me. 10/10


Really loved this~ Both the art and writing were beautiful! 


This was beautiful and chilling and hurt my heart. One of those rare works that makes me experience capital EMOTIONS and FEELINGS. Also the soundtrack fucks.

Love Addie so much she put a few of my feelings into words I hadn't quite figured out before.


Liked the idea! Any chance of an Android version coming in the future?

i too wish to know this

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