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This story really got me. I'm not a trans person, but always suffered with reason-less anxiety and fear of abandonment. A lot of friend have gone from my life space, so Laina's feelings made me cry several times. I just finish reading 2 chapters first so willing to write a new comment when I finish playing then.

oh gosh, this game was wonderful. i really wanna cosplay Laina now, haha!


Legit made me cry, but in a good way. Thank you for making this.


This made me more flustered than any game I've ever played (in a good way)! It feels strangely nostalgic and reminiscent of my own experiences, to the point where it made me emotional. The artwork and general aesthetic was really charming as well! I can't wait to play all of your other games. Much love! <3

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I really enjoyed this game(and no, not just for the sexual bits) from the botom of my heart. The characters are very relatable, and seem realistic, much like someone I could meet and interact with in real life. It's very rare to see characters that an actually make you feel like ou could physically talk to them, so bonus points for realism and character development. The story was heartwarming and ute, and themes weren.t overbearing like in some games based around characters with certain Anxieties, Depressions, or events that happen in their life due to them coming out for being Gay or Trans or what have you. The writing was rather exceptional, and the background image was very beautifully made ( so kudos to you, or whoever drew that). The soundtrack sadly wouldn't play for me, but I expected nothing short of excellence from it from the quality of the game. One small complaint is that the pacing sometimes seemed a bit off, and maybe more filler or setting description could have been fit in, but that is overshadowed by the high quality.

Overall this game is very deerving of a 5 Star rating, and I would love to see more of your work  in the future


P.S. I plan to play your other games as well!!! Keep up the good work<3

i love this game so much,,,

i loved it <3 your writing style is welcoming and easy to read, especially when capturing trains of thought, cant wait to enjoy more of your work!


I am literally Pisti

same tho


i have the big gay now

i am happy to hear so. thank u


"The End"
You can't do that to me xD
Felt a bit rushed in parts, but a very enjoyable read.
It's a very cute dynamic the two main characters have.
They both have their flaws, but who doesn't?
It gives them a personality.
Very quick to the sexual stuff though.
I would've loved it to be a longer story, but you did great.


This game perfectly catches that reckless sort of love that I have a habit of rushing into whenever I meet someone who feels safe. It's sooo good!

hahaa yeah . its fun to hear others experience something like this too ^^


"She basically jumps into my lap. Oh wow, I got a whole lap worth of cute girl on my hands. I literally don't know what to do with this." fucking iconic god i love Laina she's *clenches fist* so good

i love this game so much!! Both Pisti and Laina were amazing characters and I would die for them honestly.

i'm not good at expressing how much i like things but know that this is amazing

!! :D thank u for your comment it means a lot to me! <3

Cute babies oh gosh

the realness of a lot of it just makes it that much more cute, like, I've lived through almost every beat of this... just so relatable.

thanks for the commen! hehe yeah its based on bunch of my own experiences too :p its a bit shame we relate to it but at the same time im happy to write a story that resonates with others and feels real^^


Just finished playing this and it was surreal to see myself in Laina, only I'm like... 15 years late to realizing I'm trans, not to mention life in general thanks to my parents being controlling and overprotective, heh...

But, this gave me a lot of hope for the future, I'm more excited than ever to see my plans through and to finally be able to feel like myself in the company of friends who care! Thank you for this.

thank you for playing! im glad to hear this helped with hope for future and i wish you the best of luck with :>

This game is absolutely precious! Personality-wise, I'm similar to Laina. Even though I know it's fictional, this game just... kinda gave me hope? In general. Anyone can get out of a hole if someone gives them a hand :o) Thank you for making this!


im happy to hear that! and yes, anyone can, life can be hard.but there are ways to manage through it eventually!!! thank you

And one more comment! like yeah its fictional, but like all of the themes and character traits and all that come straight from real life stuff so yeah, it is something that does happen. the goods and the bads ^^

Can you hear that? It's the sound of me shrieking because this game is so good <3 <3  I resonated with every part of this game and the aesthetic of it all was beautiful. I love them both so much o(;u;o)

!! im happy to hear! :> thank u for telling me

very good game. i love it <3

thank you so much! <3

I am not good at leaving positive comments other than saying I really liked it, so... I really liked it! ^^'

Hey, thank you! I'm happy to hear you liked the game! :3

Absolutely beautiful. I don't even have the proper words to describe how amazing this and how much it means to me. As a writer and a person who is very confused about their gender (but strongly leaning toward female), this is utterly inspiring. I'm frustrated that I can't put more of how much I love this into words, the only else I can think to say is thank you.

thank you! im happy you were able to relate to my story :>

I read this last night, and it was so perfect, such a sweet and happy story, I loved it. As someone who wants desperately to be a girl, I fell in love with Pisti's character. I'm a bit younger then her, but I can vibe with how she feels for the most part. It would be really nice to get that HRT, but unfortunately I don't have the best situation. Anyway, thank you a ton for making this. it really took me out of a lousy day. Much love!


it makes me so happy to hear this game helped you make a lousy day into a good one!
even if you arent able to get on hormones now there is always going to be time to start them eventually. whenever youre in a safe place to do so, transition doesnt have to start with hormones either, pisti started her journey a lot before that, me included! its never too late! and on top of everything  you may think you want to be a girl, but you already are a girl!!!

I just finished reading and AH! What a sweet story with such nice insight about anxiety and everything!

I really enjoyed the format too. It can be difficult for me to read Twine stories if they jump back and forth from too many places but I really enjoyed how this game scrolled out and was easy to follow.

;___; I'm glad they got to have such a happy ending...!!!

thank you!! im glad to hear you enjoyed!! people with anxiety can be happy too as long as good things happen to them~
the format is based on like me having adhd and its fucking impossible to read big chunks of texts so i figured, i could try having it so player needs to click to see more and i feel like it worked out great! 

OH YES!! That's great!! I honestly think a lot of stuff made for yourself when doing game dev ends up working great for players. It's a win/win!


Hey, honestly, thank you so much for this. I'm trans and i'm supposed to start hormones next week but because of some medical bullshit i might have to wait another month and it's really upsetting me and just, thank you for making this.


im glad to hear the game has helped you!! hey just remember its never too late to go on hormones, waiting a extra month might feel horrible but its a really short time so try and not to worry about it too much. youre still going to be able to start in the near future so try and take comfort into that :> 
i wish you the best of luck with your transition!!

I just wanna say that I actually started hormones today!!!! honestly, you helped calm me down enough to get all the medical stuff sorted out in time. I honestly thought to myself "am i a girl now?" when i took the meds and it made me think of this game


!!!! congrats on starting your hormones! hearing you come back to my game makes me really happy and proud so thank you for telling me~ and yes, yes you are a girl now :D