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oh yea subby trans girl wish fulfilment story, this hits just right


Really love this! So cute and hot!

Eagerly awaiting chapter 2.


So far this has been a wonderful little visual novel about two idiots fooling around together and lots of gender euphoria, which I love. I really appreciate how fun and light-hearted it all is, while still remaining hot and relatable.

I love Fufu and Circe with my life, and I'm amazed at how good their models manage to show across their personalities, you did a great job with that.

I'll anxiously await chapter two, and once again thank you so much for making this!

Looks soooo cute! Your design sense is an impeccable as always!

The first chapter is finally completed and OMG ITS SOO GOOD

It's naughty but so wholesome, got me feeling all warm and giggly >w<

I love the dynamic qwq




REALLY good update, I am so fucking excited to see the rest of this story!!!



I just gosh what I've played so far was just >.< I guess it's just that I can finally relate to some game like this I gosh, hopefully there's gonna be more <3

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Congrats on the chapter one release! Can't wait to see where things go from here. I love the story so far.

Welcome to Cuppy Dog City :D


Sexy and adorable! I only wish it were more complete.


Could you add an asexual option? I want to play this game, but I'm put off by the sexual content. Adding an option to skip some more of the sexually explicit dialogue/scenes would be fine.


sorry i appreciate the interest but there isnt a way to change the game to exclude the sexually explicit content. it is the point of the project and there wouldnt really be anything left if i removed it

really enjoyed what I played so far! Love all of your stories :3

is the linux build up to date? I can't seem to get past chapter 1

I've tried with wine+windows ver and it still doesn't work


sorry there just isnt more content yet. :b im working on an update!

ah ok, I probably should've realized since all the other content I was expecting was in the devlog lol, sorry


WHOA this looks so fun so far


please update the game, it really looks interesting


This is so cute and I'd very much like more! Excited for what comes next!


also is the game supposed to end on fufu going into the bathroom on the anddoid version? 


yea ^^ ill be making more clear game end screens in the future

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i want more!

I need more!


spoiler warning i guess??

yeah i just wanted to say that i wasn't sure what to expect but this game is adorable and i love it. thank you for not adding bad endings. my favourite moment is when fufu boops circe's nose and tells her that she's already a girl. it meant a lot to me. i can't wait to see more!

Seems interesting so far.


Sorry, I need to know; this isn't going to be a Bad End thing is it? I want to play along in the fantasy of having my body magically changed to one I like, but the synopsis makes is sound like the game will involve Identity Death and I just want her to be happy :<


the tone of the game will remain positive and i have no plans to add bad endings ^^ its a sexy story about gender euphoria


Thank you ^w^


I want more of this! I love this cute lore! 


Hell yeah hell yeah I can't wait to play another Nadia Nova game that accurately reflects the relationship between me and my girlfriend


Please make an Android version


sure, theres one now


Thank you^^


Wow goals.