working on a patch! ♥

im working on 1.1 patch!! im gonna work on fixing some bad sprites i left in game cause i ran out of time for the main release for the game jam , also i'm looking into better expressions and just graphical improvements in general. and also generally looking through the dialogue and improving it anywhere i can see issues. this was my first visual novel(and my first time really writing anything) so i'm finding a  lot of stuff to fix in the text

at this point if anyone who has played my game and remembers something they want to point out (or new people who want to play my game) i would love to get some feedback on what parts i should consider when i'm trying to find content to improve on! i had an amazing amount of people download my game but i still want some feedback since i only got very few at the original release!

thank you, for reading! ♥♥

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