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Rediscovered this after many years. It was the fresh breath of spring air that I needed to get out of a rough spot. Thank you so much!

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I saw LennyFaceFlower and decided I must play this game

Edit: Oh wow, First plant I find is Leni :3

Edit2: It would've been brilliant if the player could talk to Natalie while holding a plantling and she'd say different things depending on which plantling you were holding, maybe say something about each of their personalities and what they get up to and such.

This game is nice and peaceful, especially compared to the things I normally play, but I still enjoyed it

The game was pretty fun, and somewhat compelling. I felt oddly enticed by the style and most likely by the fact that (to my knowledge) is Nadia's first attempt at a 3-D game. It's not perfect mind you. I encountered several bugs when picking up up the Plantlings, such as the fact that they wouldn't drop, or the quest wouldn't complete.

On the brightside, the music was very pretty as well as the scenery, as well as the wy of finding the Plantlings weren't all that  difficultto spot out either

Overall, This game is very good and if given some more updates, like to fix up the lag.. 4 Stars



The plantlings remind me of the upcoming game Ooblets! 


i was brought here from your porn its a fun game


haha :D


I really loved it! The sketch art and blocky terrain gave the whole thing a very cutesy feel. The dialogue was adorable, and I really loved the names. This game is great given the amount of time it took you to put together <3 <3

thank you so much! im glad you enjoyed it!

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This was such a nice game to play!! Cute characters hope Natalie's arm will be ok!

thank you! she recoveded well!


This is just cute!

And I LOVE the nearly quake-like controls, they feel like freedom! Screw baby step island exploration games I WANT TO FLY! :D


haha can you imagine how much fun playtesting i had when run speed was like 5x whatever it was in the actual release :D