small update

added a new call reply_message which works otherwise same way than the others, but instead of it reading "me" it just doesn't say the name at all

call reply_message("oh really? what does it do lol")

added a menu that supports 3 different buttons you can press, and documents that hopefully explain how to make a new call that supports any amount of buttons you wish

call screen phone_reply3("awesome!","choice1","lame","choice2","im gay","choice3")


phone template 1 MB
Mar 05, 2018

Get phone message system for renpy

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I'm having trouble implementing this into my existing game -- is this designed as a standalone piece, or to be added to other projects? 

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either works but it might be easier to just start with the template and then make your game in the same document. if youre adding this to an existing project you need to add the related code from screens. rpy and options. rpy ro your projects own files

Hey! Thanks for the help! I managed to translate the code and resize it easily enough. Just took some finessing. It's worked out really nicely! Still changing out assets and playing with things, but it's worked out beautifully. Thank you so much, and I'll make sure to credit when/if I fully release this! ^_^

that looks really nice! good luck with your project :>