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This game is super cute, but how do you get past the green thing after the flowers? I tried, and really couldn't, so I'm just looking for some tips please.

I think I broke it at the end...

oops.. that shouldnt happen haha.. if you want to give it another try restart the game, no idea what went wrong. maybe try waiting a bit before pressing continue. idk lol sorry

I really like the way the game looks, I also like what little amount of the story I have seen so far (I'm very tired and will play it to completion tomorow.)

I hope you continue to make games because I am sure you are going to be great at it!

Thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. :> !!


Your game is so cute and you did so much for just two weeks! Very impressive!


thank you! haha yeah i didnt know how much is too much when i started this jam and now i know this was a bit too much but i spent literally all my time making the game for those 2 weeks so hehe. thank you!! :>

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Charmingly cute art and story...!

Really liked all the little set pieces that flows together pretty well.

The boss fights and enemies made for a good change of pace during the story progression too!

Thank you so much!! :>