tiiiny biiny 0.92 paaatchy

i put up a new build 0.92 lol. it has descriptions for each chapter in the chapter selection screen. added a button at the end of the game to return to the very start. added like 5 images to the story. and cleaned up my itchio page for the game

i also added rounded corners to all the images but i dont remember if it's in this build and im about to fall asleep any moment so ill add it to the next build if not ^^

i also decided i have enough drawings and things to talk about to make an art book!they're so fun to make and it helps me so so so much when ppl buy and support my stuff so im motivated to keep the tradition going ❤️💕


housewarming gift 0.92.html 335 kB
Oct 27, 2018

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I really hope to create a new game with a lot of drawings like those you made in general.

I would love to buy it.


thank you! ;D im adding more graphics to the game currently i dont know how many it will have but i do have quite a few added already :> ill def be making something similar in the future too! maybe with even more art if my wrists allow it ^^