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this is one of the best stories ive read 

omg Mira is just like me fr 💀

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Omg she's literally me, I love it

amazing little story, really cute (and hot)


What a cute read! The drawings are a nice plus too!


oh my god this is so cute!!!! pleaseeee make some kind of follow-up story one day <3


How did you figure out my exact fantasies?


Thank u for getting across the perfect vibe for a transgirl who also likes being bullied <3


This was lovely! Thank you so much.


Hey I saw the thing about your wrists on your page and wanted to say I've been going through the same thing. Good luck out there sister, I know it's hard :(

You’re writing and art are both so good!!


Seriously, what more can I say 🧡


That was fun, god bless you


hi wife i love you!!!!!!


!!!!!! WIFE ILY!!!!!!


Really really wonderful!!  I would suggest drugs and alcohol TWs though, that caught me off guard and was kinda uncomfortable.


oh my god this was so cute


I personally ejoyed this game a lot and if you've read my other two reviews on Nadia's games from earlier tonight, y'all already know the drill. Nadia has once again done amazing job with the writing and art on this one, much like in "Can You Say My Name Again" the background art is pretty,  and the characters seem very real  which is always a plus. The pacing has improved from CYSMNA which is also a major plus, I was unaware as to if there was a small soundtrack included like in CYSMNA, but if there was it still didn't work again for me, personally. The style of this game is adorable, and unlike most games with heavy sexual themes, you don't focus solely on imagery, but more on description, which is less seen inn most NSFW titles from what I've gathered, so good on ya!

Anyways, another quality VN from Nadia. 5 Stars


this was very fun owo

im happy to hear you liked it! thank you ❤️


this was so good!!!! ahhhhh!!!


thank you!!!! :D <3

Oooh, I love this a whole bunch~

awesome ;D thank you!!


Gosh gosh gosh, that was a fun read. Got some nice giggles out of me. Not into the whole pain and bodily fluids bit, but the entire rest, gosh sounds like a fun day.

Sorry if that's not exactly interesting feedback, haha. Just finished it. Still a bit too brainfucked to write a more usable comment.

haha i really appreciate the comment ;D i didnt even realize how much emphasis i put on bodily fluids..... lol
thanks for the comment and im happy you liked the story ^^