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I legit played this last month, this is fr 


Murder on the Orient Express (Gone Sexual)

sososososososo GOOD!

It was good, hope they make another one that follows the same story.

100/10. I need not say more


I heard about this game through the stupid Armored Core meme and I didn't expect it to be nearly this good. Great writing and I hope there's a sequel at some point 11/10

This was so amazing, both me and a friend liked it. She thought it was super dark, but I didn't.  I need a sequel if there isn't one.

Fuck Keith bitch got what he deserved

This was fantastic. I didnt think my brain chemistry could be altered further as a therian doggirlthing but this did so and thats epic.


a beautiful experience w/ super charming art and writing, honestly the characters really have such clear and interesting depth that i read in one sitting because i was hooked by what would happen next! big big fan

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im speechless

tear jerking and regular jerking aboard. 

jesus christ i really need to rethink my thoughts on art /srs 

like this shit is MoMA worthy holy shit 

better than the mona lisa /srs

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I created an account on this website just to comment on this.

The game was hot but holy shit did I get sad when all the dark stuff began happening. I feel horribly bad for Zarina and what she had to go through, I hope that she and the others end up being happy eventually or something.

This was great, thanks.

spoilers ahead- 

Really love this game, the interactions and struggles all felt very real. I adore the art style and you have a great sense of humour. I was giggling to myself quite alot. I wasnt ready for the tone shift when the death happens and it kinda had me stumped, it was the only bit where I was drawn out of the world, I know this is all just fiction and please correct me if I missed something but legally speaking Zarina would be in huge trouble( I know the other girls said they would vouch for her but would this be enough?) Maybe Keith's partner could vouch based on her own experience and that would help resolve the issue. I just really wanted a happy ending I suppose because it was a wonderful and steamy game and the worry that she would be trying to beat a murder case even though she went way overboard with self defence and left the walls covered in blood felt like a suspension of dibelief to me. Anyway.. amazing game please make more <3

my entire experience of this can be summarized by saying "Zarina no!" and "Zarina yes!" in varying intonations and pacing.

holy shit this was so good.

In the best possible way, what the hell


nadia nova bangin out the hits yet again

I actually love this VN and really want to see more of the girls. Even just slice of life stuff with transgirl and mental health stuff would be so good. I love your writing.


what an amazing VN. bought such joy, arousal, perverseness, and sadness with wonderful art as always <3 I'll be telling the weird girlies to play this one. what a beautiful game ;u;


what did you just do to me why am i crying


thanks to this game i found God and will spend the rest of my days seeking salvation for my sins


god this was fantastic and terrifying and weird and cute whats better than this just gals being freaky and needy


This was really good. I feel like my soul is being pulled down by a 1000-pound weight now. Thank you so much for making this


what the fuck this was a rollercoaster of enthusiastic to horny to confused to horny to weirded out to even more horny to absolutely flabbergasted to "oh fucking god" to "Jesus Christ it gets worse" to "HOLY FUCK SHIT FUCK" into the final emotion of content optimism how the fuck do you make such a good fucking story where do i give you all my money this actually is fucking top tier art


ms nova you are a fucking art master you deserve a long and prosperous career lining the halls of the great museums of internet history.

It really is an emotional roller coaster.


so hot and so sad and so so so fucking gender i love this so much


WOW! This was another amazing and heavy story to experience. The flow of the story going from cute to sexual to dark kept me engaged and on edge, leaving me with feelings of wanting more, an experience I'm glad to have!

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another game with nadia nova's signature style of 

"oh cool! another transfem porn game... aw shit now I'm shaking and crying"

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barely that far into it, usually love your games but omg writing pet peeve siblings dont call eachother "sis" ik that's for clarity but jesus fuck it annoys me

edit: okay its totally believable that friends would use that


whaaat my sister and i call each other "sis" all the time


i would assume you two are aliens

I'm wheezing vor hard after what you zsaid


I can't stop thinking about the characters after playing it. Seriously, this was such a good read!


I absoluely loved the game.

What soundtrack did you use for the game? O.o


all the tracks are from
the individual music files themselves can be found in the audio folder of my game


Thank you! ^^

didnt expect it to hit as hard as it did, wow.. thanks for putting your game, the story you made, out into the world like this!

Absolutely loved this and all the characters involved, hope to see more of them!!!


each of your games feels elucidating. for a transfem teen/adult who's young and never allowed to do much, it feels freeing seeing stories like this. thank you.


I don't think I've ever read anything quite like this. Thank you so much and please continue to do what you do.

This story dragged me in and hurt me multiple times, but made sure I felt safe before letting me go.


my honest reaction: jesus christ (by which i mean i was deeply affected by your transgender pervert game ms nova. WOWIE)

thank u ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶


This unlocked a lot for me. I hope more people get to play trans yuri poly visual novels like this.

HOLY SHIT what the fuck did I just experience. this game is incredible and reminds me of 177013 but with a happy ending. keep up the amazing work. 


i want a prequel with cuppy dog action


That was hot, tense, stressful, and fucked up. In the end though, I hope all these girls turn out okay. I loved it.

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this was beautiful. i never really played any visual novels i'm not even rly a gamer girl i just downloaded this to get off to it (and i did, it's very hot) but then the story just took hold of my heart.

i hope everyone is ok so much, i loved all three of the girls ... i'm really impressed with this, thank you for this.


horrible (good thing, i think)


Lowkey teared up a little

Best story I've read in a long time

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