days 2 & 3 now complete & available for patrons!

the first three days of the game are completed and playable! (outside of two placeholder cg arts i have haha) i dont know how long this is but it took me 15 min to read day one and it was 2.5k words long. day 2 is 6k and day 3 is 10k! so a lot more. days 2 and 3 also have branching paths through menu options. day 3 has a nice lewd scene too :3c (the next and last other 3 days will probably  also  be around 10k each)

im starting to feel like i wont be able to finish this game in the next three days for the jam deadline but lmao its cool ill just continue working on this after that ^^ i feel like this month feels realistic for a final build though! my adhd meds have helped me out so much its incredible!!

im really excited about this project and its coming out well and!!! im just very happy how well this have turned out so far and i hope you all enjoy my game so far, and of course the final build whenever that happens ^^

Get drifting in circles // demo

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