updates updates~

with my game jam coming up i decided to pick up this project again!

- animated all the sprites DCS has made for the game so far! just pandora missing now! :> its been so much fun animating everything^^ 

- ive even done backgrounds for the game based on sketches DCS drew for me and they are turning out great! 

- ive been playing with transforms to give the sprites a bit more life, even on top of all the sprite animations themself! they look so great and i hope you all will love the end results after everything is done! 

- ive written most of 3 out of 6 days of the game now, including a VERY lewd & gay scene with elisa <3

check out these cute sprites in action below!

Get drifting in circles // demo

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It's always so awesome seeing gifs of the game! Really pumped up to have this game release! *w*