dysphoria mechanics

am going to make it so there are going to be options depending on how you think/react and they can result in Pandora feeling dysphoric(+1) or make her feel better about herself so basically in the context of the game feeling a bit less dysphoric(-1)

it's mostly going to just affect how she reacts to herself along the way and i will be working on it so i don't force anyone to feel bad about their own selections and its just a minor thing that will affect bigger events closer  to the end of the game.

its part of Irina's character to act all tomboy and use language like this, but i felt like making her use gendered language on the main character could cause some bad feels and dysphoria for the actual players playing it, so i put in a system that changes the  language depending on the players own selection.

Get drifting in circles // demo

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