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**Keep in mind i have only played and rated "Can You Say My Name Again?"**

This game has a very nice soundtrack that fits very well with the theme and mood of each scene which is something that many of these visual novels w/ sound never seem to get right(of course there are exceptions to this as seen here), so all together this already made me fall in love with the game. The ambiant sound is also a very nice added touch, to give a sense of realism to the world you've created. Too many creators fall into the trope of "my characters conversations and actions are the only ones able to be heard", which is a very off-putting feeling for me persnally, so bonus points for the extra mile in immersion. 

The coversations, much like in your game "Can You Say My Name Again?" brings your mind into the character's world and makes them feel more like real people. Even some characters that have no real personality like the Ticket man in the beginning, have a sort of depth to them, because they have a more professional tone to their three sentences of dialouge, and even then that goes a long way to build the immersion of this world that Pandora and the others live in. Once again, you have done an amazing job with your script writing, and even so I must give credit where it is due to your editors and proof-readers for expanding the experience as well.

Opposed to "Can You Say My Name Again?", the setting is really built up well here and the pacing is steady for the most part, so good job to you for the improvement! The backgrounds and character arts are beautifully made, and very well done so congratulations for that as well.  The addition of adding choices to your games is also very nice.

Overall anther 5 star experience, and this is just a demo.. You haven't ceased to amaze me Nadia. Keep doin what you're doing <3



I was wondering if you're going to continue this game? There hasn't been an update in a while and I just wanted to know since I like the art style and characters and wanted to know if it'll continue (Srry if I'm being rude or anything)


Finally got around to playing this. You've definitely learned some new techniques since your last title and it shows! Other than the art (which I am pretty sure I mentioned is super cute, great work @DarkChibiShadow!) I really love how animated they are, it gives them life compared to other VN's I play. Um... Everything is good really. I love it and can't wait for the full game, best of luck! <3


Gosh, I can already tell this game's gonna make me a mess when the full version will come out. I just got out of three unfruitful game design/prog school years, and going back to bum fuck nowhere at my parent's home with near to no idea what I'm gonna do next with my life, except continue taking AA and desperately waiting for E.

very cute artstyle, interesting topics, good start for plot  and I see that your "game-making" had improved a little :) Yeah. I played some other games of yours :)

I love face expressions and "animations" (shaking of cold looks great). "Animal-based" but "human-like" characters are (almost) always good in games :) 

I really like how casual and laid back type of language and words you use :) . It's good idea that Pandora uses her phone 

I'm waiting for more 

Hi! Can you add platform tags so I can download the demo through the Itch app?


hey, thanks for pointing this! i added it :>